Why I'm Different

Let Me Help You Develop a Financial Life Plan that Supports Your Goals & Values

Krehbiel Financial LLC

Problem-Solving, Not Sales

Krehbiel Financial LLC

I'll Meet You Where You Are

Krehbiel Financial LLC

A 1% A.U.M. Fee is Too Much!

Krehbiel Financial LLC

My Philosophy about Money

Problem-Solving, Not Sales

Money problems can seem complicated, overwhelming, and confusing, but they are solvable!

I believe your Financial Life Plan should be:

  • A source of comfort, not of stress
  • Simple and Actionable – so that you can “own it”

Not Selling: I also believe that your Financial Life Plan should be developed separately from the financial products and services you buy. Bankers sell CDs; insurance agents sell annuities; stockbrokers sell stocks, bonds, and mutual funds because those are the products they have to sell! I am an independent, fee-only advisor, so I will recommend the best, lowest cost money solutions for you.

My Problem-solving Strategy

First, I will listen to understand your money problems. I am confident that they are no more difficult to solve than the many business, engineering, and physics problems I have solved since graduating from M.I.T. Then, together we’ll develop a clear, actionable, and individualized plan for you, one that is consistent with your goals and values. I’ll be your partner to advise, coach, teach, and encourage you.

You’ll be utilizing my knowledge, experience, and tools to achieve your success.

I'll Meet You Where You Are

Geographically    |    In Life    |    Financially

Geographically: Where would you like to meet?

  • Your home
  • Your office
  • My Office in Eau Gallie
  • Over Zoom or Facetime

In Life: What stage are you in?

My 1-on-1, Start Right with Money program focuses on getting the basics right with your accounts, cash-flow, debt-reduction, and benefits at work. Customized and simplified to make it work for you.

After Starting Right, money issues often deal with goals and aspirations, like saving for a house, kids’ college, starting a business, etc. There can be a lot of money issues to juggle. A plan and coaching are important to success.

The barrage of financial news and advice about preparing for retirement can be overwhelming.

I don’t think it needs to be that way!

The best way to feel good about your money situation is for us to develop an easy-to-understand plan that is right for you.

Let’s make sure your assets, income, and spending add-up to a plan that meets your needs, goals, and values.

Financially: What’s going on?

I’m going to advocate making a plan together that is simple enough for you to manage, and then I will be there to advise, coach, and encourage you as “life happens,” and the plan needs to be adjusted along the way.

Unfortunately, many people in the financial services industry benefit by trying to convince you that only complicated works – Don’t believe them!

Most advisors are looking for clients with assets to manage; I’m not. My project-based and retainer fee structure enables this.

Let’s make sure your assets, income, and spending add-up to a plan that meets your needs, goals, and values.

I will advocate for a plan that is right for you; so that you are comfortable and confident with the decisions. I am happy to manage your assets if you want me to, but I don’t require this.

A 1% A.U.M. Fee is Too Much!

Many financial advisors charge you >1% of your assets under management (A.U.M) annually.

There are two problems with this.

1% is Too Much!

I am an advocate of simple, diversified, low-cost investment strategies. Once we figure out the right strategy for your situation, it should not be complicated or expensive to implement. My fees are generally lower than 1% of A.U.M. annually, and you can still contact me any time, in addition to our regularly scheduled appointments, at no additional cost to you.

No Assets to Manage = No Advice

My fees are based on your income and net worth so that I can help a broad range of clients, including those who currently have minimal assets.

My Philosophy about Money

Your most critical resources are your brain and your time. Therefore, the time that you are “thinking about money” is key to your financial success, and often your life success.

But you have a life to live, so you don’t want to be thinking about money all the time!

I will help you maximize the “return” from your “thinking about money” time by:

  • Aligning your money to your goals and values
  • Managing your cash flow (Income and Expenses) the way you want
  • Developing and working towards a plan
  • Minimizing your taxes (100% legitimately)
  • Diversifying your investments
  • Keeping your investing costs low
Krehbiel Financial LLC

I Believe

  • Success almost always comes from knowledge, planning, and follow-through
  • If you can get control of your money, you are more likely to achieve your life goals.
  • For you to feel in control of your money, you need a plan that is understandable and actionable.